OOP in C#

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Object Oriented Programming (OOP for short) is a key skill to have to writing efficient code and effective applications. In essence, OOP is a style of programming that replicates real world objects and things in code. These objects have properties (variables) and methods (functions / procedures) that allow them to effectively replicate these real world things. You would create a Class (the blueprint an object is instantiated from) when something you want to store or replicate does not fit in any other data type or structure. For example, if you wanted a mobile phone replacer in you application or game then it would be difficult to create that with just things like arrays. So, we use OOP. I hope that makes at least some sense to you (not like anyone is even reading this LMAO).

So how do we create an object? well 1st we have to create a class so that we can create the object or objects from the same class. I have chose C# to do this as that is the language most of the users of our discord server are using in their college course.

This how you do it:

Good luck with the rest. Now all you have to do is institute the object and you can start using your new method you created in the class. This video might help a bit more than this blog post: OOP Game. I would have done a better job on this post but then realised the only person who reads them is me 🙂