What is JavaScript?

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JavaScript Is a web scripting language that allows you to add extra functionality to your website. JavaScript is used to make websites more interactive for the website’s users. JavaScript can allow you to add much more fancy things to your website, for example form validation can be done with JavaScript along with creating Navigation bars, Accordions to categorize information and much much more. You can even fetch information from other databases with an API and use that data in your own website!

Even though Vanilla JavaScript is very powerful and can create amazing website, there are Frameworks for JavaScript such as Angular.JS which aims to stream line the development of larger projects and adds many more features and tools for developers to use. JavaScript is primarily a client side scripting language. However, with the use of a JavaScript engine to compile the JavaScript code without a browser (like chrome) and a framework like NODE.JS, it can be used on the server for more extensive projects.

As you can now see, JavaScript is a valuable skill to have for most web developers and especially for Front end web developers who want to add more functionality to their websites. Therefore, I highly recommend you have a look at our Resources page and join our Discord Server to start learning JavaScript!