What is PHP?

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PHP Code

PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. Yeah, strange name! PHP is a language that is exclusively used on the server side of web sites. It allows developers to have back end functionality such as user accounts and much more. Overall PHP is very flexible in the way developers can write code in PHP, however it is most commonly developed using OOP (Object Oriented Programming).

One of the main disadvantages to PHP is also what can make it so powerful and that is how flexible it is. Because of its nature it makes it easy for developers to quickly transform a well structured program into spaghetti code that breaks with the most simple of tweaks. Therefore, when developing with PHP it is important to plan your program out carefully, especially as the program gets larger. However, there are frameworks that help developers more easily make what they need for a website. Most of these frameworks use a MVC architecture (Model View Controller), the most common of these frameworks is called Laravel. It is recommended that you learn the basics of PHP before moving onto a framework.

So, does PHP sound like it is for you? If not then this fact might persuade you: About 70-80% of the web uses PHP including the largest sites like Facebook, Wikipeadia and WordPress. This site uses WordPress so, of course, we make large use of PHP. [Reference: w3techs.com ]. Want to start learning PHP? Use our Resources Page to get started and we can help you on our Discord Server.