What is Python?

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Python Code

Python is an all purpose programming language used in almost all areas of the programming industry. It is used in anything from Education to Machine Learning and even in creating block chain technologies. This is because it has a simple syntax that allows developers to easily manage and maintain complex and simple code alike. Python is often labelled as the best programming language to learn fist because of its extremely simple syntax when compared to other languages.

Despite the vast use cases for Python and all the popularity it has, Python is rarely, if ever, used in game or app development. This is because it is slow to compile at runtime compared to lower level programming languages. So, if you are looking to create a game or app then maybe python is not the best for your project. However, Python is gaining more popularity in web development with frameworks like Flask.

Python is a great language for beginner and advanced developers a like because of how versatile and flexible it is. Therefore, I can not recommend it enough as it will open a lot of doors. Even if you don’t end up continuing with Python it will give you a strong programming foundation. To start learning Python have a look at our resources page and join our discord server.