The Best Free Resources

  • C#
    Microsoft C# Guide

    Microsoft has made a basic Guide to the fundamentals of the C# language. They have a few Tutorials Including a console application project to get you up and running with your first C# application.

    Home and Learn

    Home and learn is a site that gives you access to all kinds of free computer courses. They include many languages but most notably their C# course! They walk you through everything you need to do to make an app with C#.NET

    Video Tutoral

    This video 'course' by walks you through all the necessary concepts you need to become a C# developer. You will learn how to create a console application, which nicely sets you up to be ready to make powerful windows form apps.

    w3schools CSS Tutorial

    This tutorial will show you everything you need to know to star mastering CSS and make your websites look stunning! It Includes Transitions, Flexbox, gradients and much more! So get started with styling your websites today!

    w3schools HTML5 Tutorial

    HTML5 is the skeleton of all websites and holds the structure of what you see in the browser. So, if you want to start making your own websites then HTML is a must have skill! What better place than w3schools to get started?

    Home and Learn: Web Design

    This free course made by the infamous home and learn will tech you everything to get kickstarted with creating your own websites with HTML5 and CSS3.

  • Javascript
    w3schools JavaScript Tutorial

    w3schools is known to be the largest web developer site in the world! It have tutorials for all the technologies you need to become a web developer. That is why it is at the top of our list for you to start learning Javascript!

    This is a free and interactive website for beginner Javascript developers. It walks you through all the basic concepts you need to start writing your own scripts to make web pages more interactive. I also has links to premium courses that may also help you.

    Traversy Media YouTube

    Traversy Media is YouTube channel with a vast number of free tutorials to learn from. There are over 33 videos on the channel to get you kickstarted with Vanilla JavaScript. We always use the channel to grow our own knowledge and we can't recommend it enough!

  • PHP
    The PHP manual

    This is the documentation put together by the developers of PHP for you to start learning the ins and outs of PHP. It includes everything from getting setup writing your 1st lines of PHP to the vast security features of PHP.

    w3schools PHP Tutorial

    w3schools is a great website for any new developer! They have tutorials on everything you need to get going as a web developer. We highly recommend this site! However, the PHP tutorial is in PHP 5 and we are now onto PHP 7 but most of the concepts are the same.


    So, you think you got the hang of things now? Well why not challenge your self and learn OOP, the better way to organise your code. This course is aimed at beginners with Object Oriented PHP and does it's best to explain all the key concepts.

  • Python
    The Official Python Tutorial

    The official documentation / tutorials are almost always the best place to start when you are learning the syntax of a new language because the documentation was written by the developers of the language. So, that is why this is at the top of our list for you to start learning Python!

    Learn Python is a free and interactive website for beginner programmers to get their feet wet in writing their own code! I think the best part of this site is that you don't even need to install anything to get started, just write your code in the browser! This should be a huge help for those looking to build on their Python skills.

    Google’s Python Class

    Learn Python from some of the best developers in the world! Google is home to the most prestigious developers, so what better place than google to get started with python?

We have many more resources on our Discord Server. These are just the ones we think are the best. We also offer online help on ourĀ Discord Server, so if you are stuck with an issue with your code we can help!